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Now open: Call „Research Infrastructure“


TU-internal Research Funding
Deadline: 28 February 2022

Aim and subject:

Within the framework of a new research infrastructure call from TU internal research funding, applications for improving and updating basic apparatus equipment and research infrastructure may be submitted. Funding will be granted for instrumentation as well as apparatus and other infrastructure required to increase a research proposal’s chance of success by optimizing the research infrastructure or to be able to competitively acquire third-party funding.

Vice president for research, appointment strategy, knowledge & technology transfer, Dr. -Ing. Christine Ahrend, invites applications for funding from all academic chairs at TU Berlin.


Scope of funding:

The funding provided by TU internal research funding encompasses a grant of 20,000 to 150,000 euros in individual cases. Partial funding of the proposed infrastructure amounting to 25 to 50% of the acquisition costs is expected from the academic chair, faculty, or institute submitting the application. Confirmation of this must submitted with the application. The total cost (gross) of the requested infrastructure may not exceed 200,000 euros.  The aim is to fund applications with a total volume of 800,000 euros from the internal research funding budget.


Funding conditions:

Costs for personnel or subsequent costs to operate the new infrastructure as well as any necessary spatial adjustments are the responsibility of the requesting academic chair and are not part of the financing provided by TU internal research funding. The financing for such costs must be stated and confirmed in the application (incl. approval of institute and faculty, if applicable). Expenditures from the grant must be made in 2022 and 2023. Only the granted equipment can be ordered.



Applications can be submitted by university professors of TU Berlin. Applications by multiple faculties or academic chairs, which can also be submitted, are expressly welcomed.

Instrumentation may not have already been ordered at the time of application. Please note that your application must include at least one offer.


Selection Criteria:

The following criteria are decisive for approval of an application:

  • improvement of the research infrastructure of the participating academic chairs as a result of the new acquisition
  • improved ability of the participating academic chairs to apply for funding, which should be demonstrated by the applicants, e.g. by a concretely planned third-party funded project
  • possibility of using the infrastructure by several academic chairs
  • no other funding options possible for the requested infrastructure (e.g. appointment funds, remaining funds, external funding programs, etc.).



The selection will be made by a committee chaired by the vice president for research, appointment strategy, knowledge & technology transfer, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christine Ahrend.


Submitting applications:

Applications can be submitted in either German or English.

You must use the template when submitting your application (template). Please use a standard font (e.g. Arial) with a minimum font size of 11 pt. and a line spacing of at least 1.15 lines. Applications may not exceed eight pages. Comprehensive construction drawings, existing offers, an confirmation of assumption of cost should be included in your application; these annexes are not included in the total page count of your application.

Please address your proposal to the vice president for research, appointment strategy, knowledge & technology transfer and send signed hard copies of your documents to the Research Promotion Section with the reference "VC 1 / Infrastructure".

Please additionally send your application by email as a searchable pdf file via the managing director of your institute and your faculty dean to: forschungsfoerderung [at] vc.tu-berlin.de


28 February 2022



Call "Research Infrastructure": German | English
Template for application: German | English


  • Dr. Sören Stange, Research Promotion Section VC, Head of Team Research Promotion, +49 (0)30 314-23864, stange [at] tu-berlin.de
  • Dr. Tim Köhler-Ramm, Research Promotion Section VC, Team Research Promotion, +49 (0)30 314-70106, t.koehler-ramm [at] tu-berlin.de

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Dr. Sören Stange
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