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Servicebereich ForschungPreise: VDI International Bionic-Award 2018; Einreichungsfrist 28.02.2018

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Preise: VDI International Bionic-Award 2018

Donnerstag, 14. September 2017

"Biomimetics often generate ideas and serve as as timulus for innovation with sustainable benefits for technology, economy and society. The award is endowed to support research and development oriented towards practical application and innovation by young scientists in the field of biomimetics."

"The prize will be awarded for outstanding contribution by a team of young scientists and researchers or a single young scientist/researcher, for example for the development of a biomimetic product or for a bachelor/master/doctoral/post doctoral thesis. [...] The work has to be completed within the last two years before the deadline for submission of papers. - Only direct applications, made by a person or a team, will be accepted; those made by a third party are excluded. [...] The applicant or team members may not be older than 40 years."

Preisgeld: 10.000 Euro

Einreichungsfrist: 28.02.2018

Hier finden Sie die vollständige Ausschreibung.

(Quelle: Verein Deutscher Ingenieure e.V.(VDI))



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