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Servicebereich ForschungProgramme: The Lloyd's Register Foundation - Funding; Einreichungsfrist 28.11.2017 (verschiedene Deadlines)

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Programme: The Lloyd's Register Foundation - Funding

Mittwoch, 21. Juni 2017

About the Lloyd’s Register Foundation

The Lloyd’s Register Foundation is a UK charity established in 2012. [...] Our vision is to be known worldwide as a leading supporter of engineering-related research, training and education that makes a real difference in improving the safety of the critical infrastructure on which modern society relies.


Our charitable mission:

  • To secure, for the benefit of the community, high technical standards of design, manufacture, construction, maintenance, operation and performance for the purpose of enhancing the safety of life and property, at sea, and on land and in the air
  • The advancement of public education including within the transportation industries and any other engineering and technological disciplines


Do we support individuals?

No. We do not give grants direct to individuals, in any funding category. We only award grants to organisations, some of which have a process for passing on that funding to individuals.

Is our support available to organisations outside the UK?

Yes, we support scientific research globally. Some of our funding for the advancement of skills and education also supports disadvantaged and under-represented communities outside the UK.

What amounts of funding do we give?

The largest proportion of our funding is for scientific research. We recognise that research results can take time to deliver. We prefer to invest in building sustainable research teams working on longer-term research challenges of importance to society, to enhance the safety of the engineering infrastructure on which modern society relies"



  • 30 June 2017
  • 28 July 2017
  • 29 August 2017
  • 29 September 2017
  • 29 October 2017
  • 28 November 2017

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