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Programme: DFG - Priority Programme “Chemical Biology of Native Nucleic Acid Modifications” (SPP 1784)

Dienstag, 01. August 2017

"A network of researchers with backgrounds in chemical biology, structural biology, enzymology and bioinformatics will gain deeper insight into where, how and why native nucleic acid modifications occur and how they influence cellular processes. Prospective participants will address current challenges in detection, localisation, recognition, and function of naturally occurring modifications in RNA and DNA. Modifications as defined in the programme, are specifically introduced to the nucleic acid by cognate enzymes, and do not include chemical lesions, DNA or RNA damages inflicted by light, reactive oxygen species, chemicals, and the like.

Projects to be funded within the frame of the Priority Programme need to address scientific questions at the atomic resolution level, using approaches of chemical biology, biochemistry or structural biology in the following areas:

  • new concepts for detection of known modifications, or detection of new modifications
  • localisation of modifications in the genome, transcriptome, or inside the cell
  • target recognition and catalytic turnover of nucleic acids by modification enzymes, and recognition of modified nucleic acids by specific proteins
  • biological function and effect of modifications by specific recognition, changes in coding, or nucleic acid structure"


Einreichungsfrist: 29.11.2017

Hier finden Sie die vollständige Ausschreibung.

(Quelle: DFG Informationen für die Wissenschaft, Nr. 51, 27.07.2017)

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