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Post-Doc Funding 2019

The Post-Doc Funding seeks to advance outstanding junior PhD researchers for a maximum of 3 years after their PhD in the next stages of their career and provides support by ensuring financing for preparation of an application to the DFG for funding for a temporary position as principal investigator or for comparable programs (such as those sponsored by the Thyssen Foundation).

Dr. Andreas Jüttemann
Atomkraftwerke in Deutschland, 1966 - 2011: Technikbegeisterung und wachsender Protest - eine historisch-psychologische Studie
Arbeitslehre/Technik und Partizipation
Dr. Shuang Li
'Organic Polyoxometalate Co-Crystals Derived Mesoporous Metal Carbide/Nitride for Hydrogen Production from Seawater
Dr. Christoph Metzner
'The Influence of Schizophrenia-associated Abnormalities on Oscillatory and Resonance Behaviour of Cortical Neural Networks
Neuronale Informationsverarbeitung
Dr. Daria Tombolelli
Development of novel QM / MM method with Machine Learning for application to modeling of Complex Enzymatic Systems
Modellierung von Biomolekülen
Dr. Maria Maares
Molekulare Mechanismen der Zinkaufnahme in Enterozyten
Lebensmittelchemie und Toxikologie
Dr. Tanja Kubes
Leben und Lieben mit Robotern: Technofeministische Perspektiven auf Sexroboter
Gender in MINT. Feminist Studies in Science, Technology and Society (Feminist STS)
Dr. Manfred Scheucher
Approaching Problems from Combinatorics and Geometry using Computer Assistance
Mathematik, insbesondere Diskrete Mathematik
Dr. David Nolte
Exploring Linear stability analysis MRI velocity measurements
Dynamik instabiler Strömungen




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